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A classic Viennese horse and carriage, a Fiaker, in motion in Vienna

I am fundraising for multimedia art projects and exhibits planned on the nature and villages of Mallorca, the Coastal Collection of jewellery and accessories, new photography books (including from Vienna!), poetry inspired by the sea and the islands, and new business ventures.
You can support these projects with a contribution via the “Contact” link in menu or link to grant sources.

Via Vienna

A ray of sunlight touches bright pink flowers in view of the Mediterranean Sea in Manacor, Mallorca

I am also planning creative projects celebrating the nature and villages of Mallorca and the Mediterranean – where dreams move the people, where the sea meets the stars, and the fresh breeze carries the scents of flowers and pine over the sand and rocks, down the avenues and through the colourful shutters of sweet Spanish homes.

Mallorcan Dreams