a leaf falls
in silence

a slow brittleness cracking in its descent
to return seasoned
a memory, perhaps,
or a colorful dream of days past
gently swaying on a warm breeze
flirting with logic and whimsy
smiling at hidden scenes

teasing thoughts descending
to reach into remembrance as
it lays upon my hand
built upon structurally sound
attempts at maturity
part of nature’s elegant array
of expression—
regal in achievement of
a symphonic procession of
solemnity and grace

a subtle rumbling
of currents upon the wind,
to soothe, or sway
into sleepiness
a prelude to slumber,
a somber winter’s sleep
encompassing thoughtlessness
losing its grip
to sounds, colors,
visions and assorted forgottances

I can hear the leaves
singing still,
upon that naked breeze
their delicate farewell
on the tides of a
Trojan lullaby
billowing an autumn dervish

the wisdom of an ancient aria
echoes through the darkened trees
where shadows of spirits
find refuge
to shine in the morning light,


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