A bright orange star-shaped light hands with cascading soft Christmas lights against the stark winter trees and sky
Via Vienna

Via Vienna! Christmastime in the Neighborhood

This city is so irresistibly adorable! Yes, I took a hiatus from my previous blog, Via Vienna, but I’ve been missing it ever since, especially the responses and enjoyment you friends and followers shared. Whenever I walked around the city with my camera, I thought of you all and felt like I had a group of friends along with me. So I’d love to share some photos once in a while of my charming, adopted hometown of Vienna.

Even though the temperature is near freezing, the excitement of the shops and cafés with their decorations causes me to linger and take in their charm. Come back later as we warm up even more with mulled wine, hot punch and giant potatoes shared with good friends at the outdoor Christmas market! In the meantime, here are photos from around the block in my little neighborhood, der Josefstadt: the smallest district of Vienna but overflowing with the classic Viennese gemütlichkeit (coziness!).


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3 thoughts on “Via Vienna! Christmastime in the Neighborhood”

  1. Looks like some really nice spots 😊 Would love to visit Vienna! If I were to go for a couple of days, what should I definitely do? Sorry I’m hoping to visit soon 😁


    1. I love my neighborhood! At this time of year, I highly recommend the outdoor Christmas markets! Next month there are ice skating rinks and trails in the park in front of City Hall. I love Vienna’s café scene, especially stopping in for a torte and a coffee, then visiting some palaces and museums and gardens in the summer. It’s a great city for walking in or taking the tram. If you like to explore the city, I recommend Duncan JD Smith’s book, Only in Vienna.

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