Christmas tree and visitors in front of the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna
Via Vienna

Merry Christmas from Vienna! Join us for Punsch!

Walking through one of Vienna’s outdoor Christmas markets is an unbelievable sensory experience: the air is filled with a sweetly-scented combination of giant pretzels, mulled wine, hot punches, freshly-brewed hot teas, homemade candles, and roasting potatoes. The gregariousness of the Christmas spirit is everywhere, mingling with sounds of children’s excitement at the sight of toys and candies plus Christmas music played by the brass band. It’s definitely best to visit one when you’re hungry and thirsty and a great place to go with friends like you— and I highly recommend visiting more than one! So far we went to some of my favorites here for baked potatoes, hot punches and mint-infused wine: the markets at Spitalberg, City Hall, and the Schönbrunn Palace, plus a stop to warm up indoors at one of my favorite hangouts, Erich at Sankt Ulrichsplatz (I recommend their mini tacos and Kaiserschmarrn). Yum, yum, yum! Don’t miss out. Come along!

Carina chooses punch
Step 1: Choose your punch! Here we excitedly wait for mugs of fiery red wine punch with our friend Carina at the Spitalberg Christmas market. The anticipation builds!
Potato oven
I absolutely love these potato roasting ovens. I want a little one for my kitichen!!! This guy must be part polar bear to be outside like this all day in December!
Potato envy
About to dive into a hot potato with a chili cream sauce and cilantro. Care to join me?
Hot Chocolate
A beautiful and angelic hot chocolate presentation at City Hall. Although I must brag that I make a better tasting one homemade. But I don’t have a pretty mug like this one!
Wooden Ornaments
We chose a handmade, twirling green turtle toy for a little someone special (shhh…and no peeking).
Wooden Carvings
The man who makes these wonderful carvings only sells them here at this stand in front of Vienna’s City Hall every Christmas – so come back next year and buy them all for me. Thanks! Love you!!
Christmas at Schoenbrunn Palace
Frohe Weihnachten! It’s a Merry Christmas at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace! And a very windy day. Perfect for layering the clothes and battling the chill and hanging out at the pretty palace winter garden. The brass band was almost in tune!
Punch at the Schoenbrunn Palace
More punch! The strongest ones yet. Watchout! An eggnog punch for Gustavo and a Bailey’s punch for me. Which one do you want? Berry? Amaretto? Apricot?
Potato Chip Making
This woman was fabulous and so was her machine: A spiralizing, potato-twirling piece of magic that made potato chips on the spot. I want it. She also had the sizzling hot dance moves to go with it.
Monster pretzels
Gluten overload at the pretzel stand! They look soooo good and tasty and fluffy and yummy and gluteny…. omg. Perfect to go with my potato soup.
Christmas shopping
The markets here are filled with so many beautiful and colorful ornaments and gifts. They make shopping such a wonderful experience.
punch and spritzer
And finally a healthy stop for fruit and salad: Hot apple cinammon punch and a cool but delicate mint wine spritzer at restaurant & bar Erich. I highly recommend this place, tucked away on Vienna’s cute and cobblestoned Sankt Ulrichsplatz. Their outside seating is wonderful in summer and the inside is cozy and glowing in the winter, with nice music and atmosphere.


* This post has been made possible in part by homemade stove-top popcorn, hot cocoa and whipped cream with freshly-grated nutmeg.

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