Life Vitae

I am an architect
I build my life
I plan according to my environment
and change as conditions and needs change,
expanding, reaching out when necessary
whether I appear great or small

I am a teacher
I share my knowledge
I help others to learn and grow
in their minds and abilities,
encouraging them to shine
in their words and actions

I am a student
I study my life
I am always learning from others
and from my own experiences;
I do not misuse or abuse; I cooperate
with my fellow students of humanity

I am a dancer
I move with rhythm and vitality
I care for myself and others; flowing
through life with appreciation for beauty and grace,
dancing in daylight and dreams

I am an artist
I create my life
I paint every moment alive with color
and perspectives, sculpting
my dreams into reality

I am an actor
I develop my character
I fulfill many roles with poise and integrity,
giving myself completely to who I can be
in every moment and situation

I am a novelist
I write my story
I create a new page every day
with memories and fantasies;
I live through regrets and happiness, engaging
thoughts and emotions, love and adventure

I am a poem
I am here for you to read
I am here for you to write;
sometimes I am clear and sometimes complex,
written with understanding or confusion

I am me
and all that is involved.
–  Via Estela
How would you write  your Life Vitae?

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