Lush green trees provide welcome shade in the Vienna Kagran school gardens.
Via Vienna

Vienna’s Secret Garden

A quick moment to let you in on one of Vienna’s hidden pleasures: The Kagran Gardening School! Yes, really it’s beautiful as you walk through gardens in different themes, such as the Greek garden, through a sunny field of bright purple flowers, along the Zen garden, to my favorite, the Claude Monet Garden of Impressionism. It’s like walking into a living Monet painting, green and floral and fragrant all around you.

Flowers reflected upon the beautiful still water in a living Monety Garden of Impressionism in Vienna


It’s also not really a secret: The Schulgarten Kagran is open to the public on the first Thursday of the month from April – October (from 10-18) at 22., Donizettiweg 29. Their email: Check it out and share some pics!!!!


A beautiful fountain lined with flowers and trees in Mallorca, SpainSpanish Garden
Fountains and flowers and rows of orange trees fill the King’s Garden of Palma, on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain.
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