Hello!  I’m Via Estela: a poet, writer and designer. I have written articles on arts and culture, have a book of music photography out, and danced tango around the world on the stages of theaters, festivals, and clubs. I live in Mallorca and am looking for a new professional position here: check out my links below, my social icons above, or contact me for my CV or to meet for a coffee or a chat about an opening or opportunity or anything else….art, sports, siestas or the meaning of life, the universe and everything….

As an artist I express myself through words, images and dance. Inspiration leads me on a creative journey to overcome limitations, engaging athletics of the mind, body and spirit with passion. I also have creative projects planned on the unique beauty of the nature and villages of Mallorca, plus I am writing new poetry inspired by the sea and the islands.

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Gina Lee Monte Carlo
Via in the Casino Monte Carlo. Photo Richard Pleuger.