weaving a pattern, on fabric
light to the touch
at first
coarse when felt

a warm coarseness
that strikes deep
into my heart
the gold shining

through my mind
reflecting my memories
absorbing my dreams
swallowed up inside

a hole opened up
around me
resting on a flower

red tinged pink
leaves soft yet
muddled green
wrapped around my

legs, cradled like a baby
fallen into the weave;
a picture painted bright
as a canvas

drawn by the
sun and moon in

– Via

The Discreet Use of the Senses

A rose given
In sunlight reflecting,
Patterns of light
Glimmering, birds
Flying fluttering
In gardens of ecstasy.

Sacred skin worshipped
Softly scented in trances
Of freedom, an
Eternity of sensations
Fulfilled in every
Moment with you.

Averting eyes
In blushing desires,
My body intrigued
In captured responses
And these passing thoughts
That I cannot resist.

A bond beyond a normal day
With a lush exchange of energy,
For when I heard your voice
Nothing else compared;
More than something in passing
You are absolutely beautiful.

 – Via

Riviera Road Trip

Yes, the Riviera is amazing for a road trip! A beautiful and fresh drive in a convertible, cruising along the coast from one end to the other, past beautiful shades of blue and breathing the fresh air off the sea. While I would love to take the trip starting from Barcelona, I began in Nice and headed to San Remo, Italy. Stopping in Monaco was fairly easy, especially to visit the Casino and parking wasn’t a problem. Along the way you should come across plenty of places to get a nice meal, stop to shop, cruise the villas and enjoy the view or catch a tennis match.

There’s also a classic cinema in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where I gave a tango performance! Usually they show films, but we had a special screening, of a movie and a performance in front of the screen. A special evening.. Then I stayed overnight up the coast at a cute boutique hotel, run by a fabulous woman in Cap d’Ail. It’s nice for a stop overnight or two, or just for a cup of coffee and have a chat with her.

A boat glides across the glistening blue water off the coast of Nice.
The late afternoon sun glistens on the beautiful blue water, as a boat glides past the iconic blue- and white-striped beach umbrellas of Nice on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera).

There are so many great opportunities to stop and go for walks along the coast. I enjoyed a nice one starting from that boutique hotel on the main road in Cap d’Ail, where I walked down winding streets to the coast, along beautiful villas and parks. I also couldn’t resist picking up some yachting mags in different languages, which I came across in the tourist office across the street.

They say you can go the whole Riviera directly along the coast by foot or bicycle. Maybe next time! I ended up having a late afternoon lunch in San Remo, then headed back to Nice. Slowly, to enjoy each stop along the way, although I didn’t take too many pics as I was enjoying myself so much! Whatever your itinerary, it is a great way to see the towns along the coast, and especially wonderful on a fresh, spring day. What is your next road trip?

Hotel Cap-d'Ail, France
View from my hotel room in Cap-d’Ail, France
Cap-d'Ail, France
A shortcut to the beach, Cap-D’Ail
Rainy day on the Riviera
It’s even beautiful on a cloudy evening with the feel of rain in the air
Stunning black and white image of the silhouette of a graceful dancer in the Casino Monte Carlo with chandelier
My dance interlude in the Casino Monte Carlo.


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