Flowers & Fun Outfit of the Summer!

Make summer fun and fresh with a colorful short outfit. Great style comes from great choices, and with the hot summer sun, choose a colorful outfit to keep cool and look great. Here is my choice for the outfit of the summer and how I style it. With such a colorful outfit, you can keep it simple, let your own unique beauty show, and you’re already ready to go have some fun.

Floral romper. A pink, green and black one-piece shorts set with sweetheart neckline and a matching belt, and a bright pink halter top for comfort, cuteness and added security. I’m active and like to know my clothes stay on when I want them to! I’m pairing mine with green and beige Spanish wedge sandals bought on the beach in Mallorca – super comfy since day one. If it gets a little cool there’s a lightweight, long-sleeve cotton pink Indian top, with a small, hand-embroidered hibiscus in the center. A pair of gold dolphin hoop earrings picks up the gold accents on the pink purse I just bought. ¡Mucho rosa y muchas flores! The print of the romper even matches the seaside flower wallpaper on my phone, from a photo I took in Mallorca. Colorful kismet.

flores de mallorca

For the Face: Go minimal with fruit-based makeup. It’s light, easy on the skin, and as a bonus the antioxies are already in the mix. I use a specific brand that actually improves my skin quality when I use it! Although I usually skip foundation and eyeliner during the hot summer and opt for a light powder applied with a short, fat brush. Or use waterproof eyeliner when I go out and wear it very lightly so I don’t turn into a racoon or look like I have a black eye. It’s a fresh look that highlights your natural features. So it’s without carmine, I choose vegan makeup, especially on my lips. Light, barely-there whisper pink on the nails and rose on the toes.

floral romper with halter top
Keeping it colorful, fresh and simple for summer.

Summer Scent: No perfume during the summer! The heat can amplify it and flying insects might like it too much. Instead I add a little lavender to my unscented lotion or jojoba oil, which can help to keep the mosquitos away. I put it on after I wake up and reapply it before I go out in the evening and before I go to sleep. Sometimes I even keep an open bottle of lavender bedside. To help the skin stay healthy and blemish free, either look for lotions with minimal ingredients and that are pH neutral, or use a small amount of jojoba or coconut oil. Or just stay in the water!

Easy Summer Hair: Simple, beat the heat by keeping it up. Pony tail, top knot, braided knot. Pin a flower in it, too. Have fun and go! A few examples from my tangos:

Left: top knot. Center: braided knot. Right: braided knot with flower.

Summer song: “Calma,” Pedro Capó. Love it and can’t get enough! Really, my playlist will be any Spanish/Latin radio or stream. Turn it on and I’m there with you dancing by the sea. They’re so happy in the video! And Farruko reminds me how great the Spanish language is in song. The song is my ringtone. If you know my #, call me so I can hear it again. Although I might be too busy dancing to answer. ¡Vamos pa’ la playa!

See you seaside. With flowers on!

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floral romper with halter top
Floral romper with halter top #oots

Commit to Make it Happen

Quote on commitment

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.

It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words.

It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year.

Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things.

It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.

Commit to make it happen!

– Joe Plumeri

I happened upon this card one day, several years ago. It appears now and then, just at the right moment! Today is that moment: Commit to make it happen.