Beautiful Seaside in Mallorca Calendars

Seaside in Mallorca Calendar

2019 Seaside in Mallorca Calendar

Spend a year on the beautiful coast of Mallorca! Enjoy the resplendent blue and turquoise colours of the Mediterranean Sea, sunny days year round, the warm sandy beach, breathtaking landscapes — where the breeze brings the scent of the sea over the fragrant pines — and a hidden port where handsome yachts mingle with fishermen’s boats and seaside walks linger slowly into the fresh evening air…

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Featuring 12 beautiful color photographs from Porto Cristo, Port de Manacor.

12 beautiful photos from the Seaside in Mallorca calendar

Riviera Road Trip

The late afternoon sun glistens on the beautiful blue water, as a boat glides past the iconic blue- and white-striped beach umbrellas of Nice on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera).

A boat glides across the glistening blue water off the coast of Nice.

Yes, the Riviera is amazing for a road trip, a beautiful and fresh drive in a convertible, crusing along the coast from one end to the other. While I would love to take the trip from Barcelona, we started in Nice and headed to San Remo, Italy. Stopping in Monaco was fairly easy, especially to visit the Casino and parking wasn’t a problem. Along the way you should come across plenty of places to get a nice meal (any suggestions? I forgot the name of the places I ate at), catch a tennis match, stop to shop, cruise the villas or enjoy the view. There’s also classic cinema in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where I gave a tango performance! I stopped in at cute boutique hotel, run by a fabulous woman in Cap d’Ail. Nice for a stop overnight or two, or just for a cup of coffee and have a chat with her.

There are great opportunities to go for walks. I enjoyed a nice one from the main road down winding streets to the coast, walking along some beautiful villas and parks! I also couldn’t resist picking up some yachting mags in different languages, which I came across in the tourist office.

They say you can go the whole Riviera directly along the coast by foot or bicycle.

Blue clutch purse featuring image of the French Riviera

The French Riviera Clutch