Love, Mallorca

Un somi mallorquí

Postcards are scattered about
In the dark
With nowhere to go.
I hear the waves
Of guitar strings and voices
Dancing me away
Into dreams of tomorrow.

The wind is silent
As I listen to the sea
Singing me a sweet lullaby
Under a canopy of
Figs and trees.
I linger on some thoughts
That sway, fading into nothing.

Flowers lead me down a path
Gently touched by savoury scents
Flowing on the evening breeze,
To where the stars kiss
The sand and the sea.
I fall into your arms and
I forget about everything else.
–  Via Estela

I listened

I heard something
but there was
nothing there—
noises in the distance.
I heard something
in the darkness,
then I was awoken
from a daydream
in a shattered haze
to hear her calling,
“I am me.”

I wanted to turn away,
but I was nearly there
out of the background
and into the day,
I had to reach that
farthest star, I fell.
I could hear her calling,
“Every lifetime I have is now.”

I wanted to turn away,
but I was living
beyond reason, beyond hope.
I listened to the passions
of the dragonfly,
to the sound of
my own thoughts.
I listened to an unknown
and I realized:
I could understand.

I wanted to turn away,
(but) I wanted to cry
I had salvation
and before I knew,
I could fly.
–  Via Estela

Barri Gòtic

The sky falls into the city
creating a dance floor
breathing onto textures and waves.
I follow its lead,
caressing the evening night
through alleyways and pathways
into corners and strange places
charged with mystery
and ecstasy,
sadness and celebration

lights encounter the darkness
as enchantment casts
its pleasures in a
spell of synergy;
the sound of water touching the stones
creates a rhythm with footsteps,
accompanying the melody
of laughter and lovers.

color reflects the dreams of artists
and dancers as they paint
steps with their feet,
sculpting the air with each other,
bodies navigating
passages of rhythm.
conversations pass, reveling
into unknown places and escapades.

men are singing melodies
of fantasies and memories,
longing and regrets.

I move through the labyrinth
reaching into the sky
as it lifts me
above the canvas
of stones and footsteps,
riding the notes
as they float away,
dancing on passions and dreams.
the music paints the sky
as guitar strings
and sweet serenades
fade away into the stars
–  Via Estela

Life Vitae

I am an architect
I build my life
I plan according to my environment
and change as conditions and needs change,
expanding, reaching out when necessary
whether I appear great or small

I am a teacher
I share my knowledge
I help others to learn and grow
in their minds and abilities,
encouraging them to shine
in their words and actions

I am a student
I study my life
I am always learning from others
and from my own experiences;
I do not misuse or abuse; I cooperate
with my fellow students of humanity

I am a dancer
I move with rhythm and vitality
I care for myself and others; flowing
through life with appreciation for beauty and grace,
dancing in daylight and dreams

I am an artist
I create my life
I paint every moment alive with color
and perspectives, sculpting
my dreams into reality

I am an actor
I develop my character
I fulfill many roles with poise and integrity,
giving myself completely to who I can be
in every moment and situation

I am a novelist
I write my story
I create a new page every day
with memories and fantasies;
I live through regrets and happiness, engaging
thoughts and emotions, love and adventure

I am a poem
I am here for you to read
I am here for you to write;
sometimes I am clear and sometimes complex,
written with understanding or confusion

I am me
and all that is involved.
–  Via Estela
How would you write  your Life Vitae?