Evening in Mallorca


Via Estela Jewerly and Fashion

Jewelry coming soon
For the active, aesthetic lifestyle
Set the stage:

A life by the sea
The morning swim, the beach;
meet friends, shopping and boating,
a romantic dinner;
dance late into the night
walk under the stars, and then…

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Star Via
For the active, aesthetic lifestyle

Black and White Racing Stripes Leggings for dancers, athletes and active lifestyes at star via on zazzle

Black and white racing stripes leggings for dancers, athletes and active lifestyles. Available in the Star Via collection, B&W Minimalist Collection

An artist at heart, Via’s sketch of a pink and red heart accompanies the name Olivia in cursive lettering. Or change the name – you can personalize it for yourself or your little lovely one. The most popular design, available on clothing and accessories at the Star Via collection, Olivia Heart