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Featuring Via’s designs, photography and poetry, plus 2019 calendar and book of photography
All proceeds go to my continuing education fund. ✏️📚👩🏽‍💻👩🏻‍🎓
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Human: Handle with Care
Statement on clothing, bags and other items 💖
Clothing and accessories featuring the statement: Human, handle with care.

The Poetry Collection
Designs featuring Via’s poetry and poetic designs.Shop feauting poetry written in cursive script on various items

2019 Seaside in Mallorca calendars!
Shop here or scroll down to bottom of page for more info + UK & Germany options.

Seaside in Mallorca Calendar

Dream of Blue
Blue sky and sea melts my blues away — beautiful script with statements for those who love a blue sky and the beautiful blue sea. Designs on clothing, bags and accessories plus items for the home, with cozy sweatshirts for autumn.

Blue and white designs inspired by the sea and the sky on clothing, bags and home furnishings

Dance Colletion
Clothing, bags and accessories for dancers, including tees, tanks, sweatshirts and leggings. Exclusively sold here. Designed by a dancer (that’s me!).

Clothing and accessories including leggings for dancers in black, pink, white and grey.

Statement Leggings: Leggings with distinctive designs and colors, featuring “statement leggings” with quotes.

Leggings Collection

Statements Collection
Statement tees, statement leggings and bags, plus other items that stand out and speak out.

Statement tees, statement leggings and bags, plus other items that stand out and speak out.

Black and White Minimalist
A striking but simple black and white design on clothing, accessories and travel items. Exclusively sold here.

A minimalist black and white striped contemporary bamboo design on clothing, accessories and travel items.

Black and White Minimalist – Home & Office
The black and white design on items coordinated for the home and office.

A minimalist black design with white stripes on coordinated items for the home and office.

The Fashionista Collection
From statement tees and bags to purses and planners, selected with you in mind.

Shop featuring statement tees, bags and other items.

The Little White Dress: A perfect alternative to the lbd + accessories & evening cover ups.

Little White Dress Collection

Peace Love and…
Spread some peace and love.

Clothing and accessories featuring symbols for peace and love plus a third special one!

Colors Collection: Clothing, bags and accessories in fun, bright colors.

Colors Collection

Her Dorm Room: She’s going off to college: have her be prepared with items for her dorm room or sorority, with school supplies, home furnishings, towels, mugs, bags, clothing and accessories.

Her Dorm Room Collection

Go Via
Perfect items to grab and go! Inspired by traveling, dancing, staying active and athletic and going out. Clothing, bags and accessories in darks or brights for those in motion. Featuring fun sweatshirts, jackets and hoodie dresses, perfect for autumn.

Clothing and accessories to feel good and look good while lounging, shopping, out ot eat and at a concert.

For Her
Items selected specially for her.

Clothing and accessories with a feminine touch.

For Him
Men, I love you all, too! A collection of items for him.

Clothing and accessories for men.

The Pink Shop
Everything pink!

Clothing, accessories and items for the house all featuring the color pink.

Ready for the Beach: A lively collection of bags, tees, dresses and household items, perfect for your beach house, boat or holiday.

Beach Shop

Para Tanguer@s
For tangueros and tangueras: clothing, accessories & items for the house or the milonga.

Clothing and accessories with the look and feel of tango.

Photography Book
This Could Go On Forever: On the road with Tav Falco & Panther Burns.

Look at some photos or buy here.

Cover of photography book featuing Tav Falco and Panther Burns

The Vienna Collection
Fine photography on wall art and select items featuring beautiful Vienna.
Vienna Prints and Wall Art
Vienna Photography Messenger Bag
* Vienna Photography Crossbody Bag

Featuring photography of Vienna on prints, accessories and other fine merchandise.

Athena and Medusa
Featuring Athena and the shrieking head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Featuring Athena and the shrieking and severed head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Love Glam
Stand out! Clothing that can go from streetwear to clubwear, plus bags and accessories to stand out based on a color scheme of pinks, black, grey and white, with a touch of blue. Featuring two-tone blue “we are stars” jersey, perfect for dreamy autumn nights.

Clothing and accessories with a spacey, cosmic and club feel.

>> Everything Blue:: Everything blue, from clothing to accessories and home furnishings. Whether you’re stocking your beach house, headed to the beach or to set sail, or simply love the color blue, you’ll find something here.
>> The Love Collection: All about love.
>> Olivia Heart: The name Olivia written in a cute font with a pink heart. Personalized clothing and accessories for Olivias of all ages, or customize with a different name.
>> The Baby Girl collection: Maternity wear plus items designed especially for your baby girl in mind. Clothing, bibs, pacifiers and other items perfect for the newborn baby or the baby shower.
>> Shop a special selection of Items for Mom
>> Also shop for her: Flower-themed gifts + Pink Shop 2

>> Shop fine photographic prints
>>  Shop prints and wall art
>> Prints: Vienna & Europe
>> Prints & Posters: Flowers, The Sea & Europe

>>  Clothing & accessories
>> Household items & other accessories

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New 2019 calendars now available!

Seaside in Mallorca Calendar

Spend a year on the beautiful coast of Mallorca! Enjoy the resplendent blue and turquoise colours of the Mediterranean Sea, sunny days year round, the warm sandy beach, breathtaking landscapes — where the breeze brings the scent of the sea over the fragrant pines — and a hidden port where handsome yachts mingle with fishermen’s boats and seaside walks linger slowly into the fresh evening air…

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Featuring 12 beautiful color photographs from Porto Cristo, Port de Manacor.

12 beautiful photos from the Seaside in Mallorca calendar

All products feature Via’s designs, photos or poetry. Cover design & layout of books, plus cover design of calendars, by Via.