You consume me like a breath overtaken
Reaching dizzying heights of ecstasy
The sound of your voice echoes in my soul
Like a whisper of beauty on the folds of time

You have captured my heart, my soul
And set free my fears, my doubts
As I fall into your magic spell
My emotions feel anew and fresh

As passion draws creativity
And the beliefs of love are quelled
I step into your soul
And give my heart, my life to you

You are attached to the very soul of love
And I want you—unrestrained
My desire strong, my will is gone
I am fallen at your mercy

I collapse into an awakened bliss
Fate reveals in an eternal kiss
Love in purity is in ignorance
You are the last forever I’ll ever know

As failing thoughts inside my mind
Are overwhelmed by passion’s hold, divine
Understanding fails enlightenment, for
Only the heart knows a lover’s fate


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