Intuition speaks through higher demands
And I think I shall be reformed,
Into what but my higher ideals?
I release my predictions
On how it should be,
Release my restrictions
Of wanting and being;
I let it all go
To move on, to wonder
And let passion become reality.

Be true to myself;
I behave like I believe,
In tandem with my intents.
Not manipulated by fears
Or expectations of me;
I will not compare myself
To others or others to me;
I will neither condemn nor defend,
I relinquish the need to defend;
My point of view tranquil.
I perform in truce
(I am more than that).

What feeling, what slowing;
Sense mystery and mastery
Without thought opening.
I awaken each day in humility
In awe of the powers of
Nature and spirit.
Divinity within all,
Emanating from everything
Around me, within me,
Creating life
In a balanced achievement.

Trying pollutes action, and
My will in nature breathes
As it comes to me, breaking free:
There is so much to give,
So much to live;
I see the beauty in everything
Shining through.
No reservations restricting
Or forming fears,
I care for my effects
Upon this world.
I intend no harm.
I am at peace.
–  Via Estela