Not hiding faults
Admitting to mistakes
Seeing life for what it is,
In whole;
Seeing actions and events
In truth,
Not adapted or conformed
For comfort,
Not compromised from
Interpretations and excuses,
Sacrificed to convenience.

Admit to what you know is true
Seeing through your doubts,
Your own imprisonments,
The illusion of the other, another,
With more responsibility.
Perspectives confuse precedence;
Your enemy is not who you think it is,

Choose your own destruction:
Your self, spirit, soul,
Peace of mind;
Creating more disturbance
Within yourself
To justify destructive acts

Choose your own creation:
Your self, spirit, soul,
Peace of mind;
Creating infinite possibilities
Within yourself
To accept creative interactions

There is a fine line between love and hate,
They are both passionate and strong emotions
And can make you do the most foolish,
Irresponsible and regrettable acts of your life.

To love or hate is each our choice.
Everyone in the world needs
A desire for peace.
Admit your fears of freedom;
Liberation lies in the unexpected,
The acceptance of uncertainty.
The harmonizing of dichotomies
In self and society
Develops our layers and levels.
Diversity provides discussion:
To disagree is to be free
In a complex or simple clarity.
-Via Estela


Intuition speaks through higher demands
And I think I shall be reformed,
Into what but my higher ideals?
I release my predictions
On how it should be,
Release my restrictions
Of wanting and being;
I let it all go
To move on, to wonder
And let passion become reality.

Be true to myself;
I behave like I believe,
In tandem with my intents.
Not manipulated by fears
Or expectations of me;
I will not compare myself
To others or others to me;
I will neither condemn nor defend,
I relinquish the need to defend;
My point of view tranquil.
I perform in truce
(I am more than that).

What feeling, what slowing;
Sense mystery and mastery
Without thought opening.
I awaken each day in humility
In awe of the powers of
Nature and spirit.
Divinity within all,
Emanating from everything
Around me, within me,
Creating life
In a balanced achievement.

Trying pollutes action, and
My will in nature breathes
As it comes to me, breaking free:
There is so much to give,
So much to live;
I see the beauty in everything
Shining through.
No reservations restricting
Or forming fears,
I care for my effects
Upon this world.
I intend no harm.
I am at peace.
–  Via Estela

Love, Mallorca

Un somi mallorquí

Postcards are scattered about
In the dark
With nowhere to go.
I hear the waves
Of guitar strings and voices
Dancing me away
Into dreams of tomorrow.

The wind is silent
As I listen to the sea
Singing me a sweet lullaby
Under a canopy of
Figs and trees.
I linger on some thoughts
That sway, fading into nothing.

Flowers lead me down a path
Gently touched by savoury scents
Flowing on the evening breeze,
To where the stars kiss
The sand and the sea.
I fall into your arms and
I forget about everything else.
–  Via Estela